Andy Brown|Forever - A Tribute To A Legend

Dear Family, Friends and Fans…

“Ndoenda, ndoenda vakomana; handichadzoki...” (I’m leaving, I’m leaving folks; I’m not coming back…)

Ironic isn’t it. The thing is, long after my father has passed, his spirit still resonates, so strongly, within his music. His husky voice cuts through the atmosphere and his guitar still wails to us like he’s towering right before us. The cultural strength that he delivered every time he created a piece of music can only be remembered because it captured us, and simply never let us go.

photo_ammara_na_baba.jpgHe knew when he was still alive, that I would do everything in my power to ensure that his music continues to keeps you dancing with every turn in your lives. To fans of Andy Brown, you are the people he lived to create for, his beloved inspirers, and so here we are. You share the deepest love for my dad’s music as I do, and so I am grateful you are here to join me on this majestic journey.

I’ve graced international stages, performed for millions of people and even for presidents, but this concert is by far the most important project I have embarked on, in my life.

If you’ve had the opportunity to watch me perform my fathers’ music, you already know the electricity I bring to his works. I needed someone to help me match that fire, and I found him in the form of the magnificently talented Jah Prayzah. Being mbira players we had an effortless time writing ‘Kure Kure’. A love song all of you can connect with and an echo of the way I feel when I think of my dad. When we perform the Andy Brown classics, I want my father to smile down with a pride and joy only God can share in. I’m so grateful for every stage we shared, and every cradle of artistic wisdom he bestowed on me. This is the gift that runs through my veins. This is the best way I know, to say “Thank you, daddy. You are a true legend and an iconoclast to Zimbabweans and people all over the world. You will be remembered for your musical genius, forever.”

You feel this too, and I am so excited to do this project and the tribute concert we are working on for you. It’s going to be incredible! I’ll see you there!!

“The aim is not to live forever, but to create works that do.”

Love and light,

Thursday 30th January 2014

Ammara Brown on the Andy Brown Forever Project